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What's New FILING OF FORM DIR-3-EKYC BY 31st AUGUST. PENALTY OF RS. 5000/- AFTER DUE DATE      Due Dates For the Month of February 2019      CBDT extends due date for filing of Income Tax Returns & audit reports from 30th Sept,2018 to 15th Oct, 2018      Budget 2019     
Sr. No. Name Description Download
1. FORM ITR- 4S (12-13) N.A. Download FORM ITR- 4S (12-13)
2. FORM ITR-1 (12-13) N.A. Download FORM ITR-1 (12-13)
3. FORM ITR-2 (12-13) N.A. Download FORM ITR-2 (12-13)
4. FORM ITR-3 (12-13) N.A. Download FORM ITR-3 (12-13)
5. FORM ITR-4 (12-13) N.A. Download FORM ITR-4 (12-13)
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