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 11. Registration of limited liability partnerships

(1) Upon being satisfied that the application under section 10 has complied with the requirements of registration under this Act, the Registrar shall-

(a) register the limited liability partnership and allocate a registration number for the limited liability partnership; and

(b) issue a notice of registration in such form as the Registrar may determine.

(2) On and from the date of registration specified in the notice of registration issued under subsection (1), there shall be a limited liability partnership by the name and registration number as specified in the notice.

(3) The notice of registration under subsection (1) is conclusive evidence that the requirements of this Act in respect of the registration have been complied with and that the limited liability partnership is duly registered under this Act.

(4) Upon application by a limited liability partnership and on payment of the prescribed fee, the Registrar may issue to that limited liability partnership a certificate of registration in such form as the Registrar may determine.

(5) The registration of any limited liability partnership shall not be taken to imply that the requirements of any other written law in relation to any business carried on by that limited liability partnership have been complied with.
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