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54. Outstanding assets of dissolved limited liability partnerships to vest in registrar

(1) Notwithstanding any written law to the contrary, where a limited liability partnership has been dissolved under section 49, 50 or 51 and there remains any outstanding property which was vested in the limited liability partnership or to which it was entitled or over which it had a disposing power at the time it was so dissolved but which was not got in, realized upon or otherwise disposed of or dealt with by the limited liability partnership or its approved liquidator, the property shall be vested in the Registrar for all the estate and interest therein, legal or equitable, at the date the limited liability partnership was dissolved together with all claims, rights and remedies thereof.

(2) Where any claim, right or remedy of the approved liquidator may under this Act be made, exercised or availed of only with the approval or concurrence of the court or some other person, the Registrar may, for the purposes of this section, make, exercise or avail himself of that claim, right or remedy without such approval or concurrence.

(3) The Minister may, by regulations, prescribe the manner in which the Registrar may deal with the property vested under subsection (1) including the manner the property is to be sold or otherwise disposed of, the defrayment of incidental costs incurred and the commission to be remunerated to the Registrar.
(4) The moneys received by the Registrar in selling or otherwise disposing the property shall be applied in defraying all costs, expenses, commission and fees incidental thereto and thereafter the surplus, if any, shall be dealt with as if they were unclaimed moneys under the laws relating to unclaimed moneys.
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