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65. Examination of person acquainted with case

(1) The Registrar making an investigation under this Act or its subsidiary legislation may examine orally any person supposed to be acquainted with the facts and circumstances of the case.

(2) The person examined under subsection (1) shall be legally bound to answer all questions relating to such case put to him by the Registrar, but such person may refuse to answer any question the answer to which would have a tendency to expose him to a criminal charge or penalty or forfeiture.

(3) A person making a statement under this section shall be legally bound to state the truth, whether or not such statement is made wholly or partly in answer to the questions.

(4) The Registrar examining a person under subsection (1) shall first inform the person of the provisions of subsections (2) and (3).

(5) A statement made by any person under this section shall, wherever possible, be reduced into writing and signed by the person making it or affixed with his thumbprint, as the case may be-

   (a) after it has been read to him in the language in which he made it; and

   (b) after he has been given an opportunity to make any correction he may wish.

(6) if the person examined refuses to sign or affix his thumb print on the statement as required under subsection (5), the Registrar shall endorse thereon under his hand the fact of such refusal and the reason therefore, if any, stated by the person examined.

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