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38. Information, returns and statements.

 [Where, for the purposes of this Act], it appears necessary for 86[any wealth-tax authority] to obtain any statement or information from any individual, company 87[(including a banking company)], firm, Hindu undivided family or other person,88[such wealth-tax authority] may serve a notice requiring such individual, company, firm, Hindu undivided family or other person, on or before a date to be therein specified, to furnish such statement or information on the points specified in the notice, and the individual or the principal officer concerned or the manager of the Hindu undivided family, as the case may be, shall, notwithstanding anything in any law to the contrary, be bound to furnish such statement or information to 88[such wealth-tax authority]:

Provided that no legal practitioner shall be bound to furnish any statement or information under this section based on any professional communications made to him otherwise than as permitted by section 12689 of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872 (1 of 1872).

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